Sunday, April 1, 2012

Introduction/ How I fell in love with b-ball

        I have debated for months if I wanted to start a blog about the game that I have grown to love, basketball. I've watched basketball ever since I was old enough to speak my own name. Almost 30 years. I started watching basketball in 1983 because in our house my dad had control over what was watched and if he was watching basketball you watched basketball!
          I fell in love with the excitement of the game. I fell in love with the rush and the athleticisim what the player could do on the court and how it grabbed my attention and turned me into a tom boy for the rest of my life! I was hooked and since then I love this game!
           I have seen some of the best and worst moments of the NBA and NCAA basketball. Some of the greatest rivalries, greatest players and greatest games. I watched Dr J. win his one and only title with the sixers, I watched the battles between Bird and Magic, Magic and Isaiah (which by the way I hated the Detroit Pistons) And Michael what can I say about Michael but simply the best! We dominated the NBA in the 90"s  which was hard for me because I was a Knicks fan as well and John Starks was my favorite player. I loved his i'm not backing down attitude and fearless play. I was a Fab Five fanatic! hated Christian Laettner and the Duke Bluedevils. I could go on and on but I think you get the point.
            This will be very exciting for me to talk about and share my opinions on a game that still has me hooked to this day. I will admit the NBA isn't what it use to be but it still keeps me attracted. I don't think i'll ever loose it.This is my ode to hoops. I truly hope you enjoy my blog and continue to return to read more so stay tuned.

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