Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fab Five

                   Watching the  final four this weekend brought back some fond memories.My favorite era of college hoops ( and i'm sure i'm not alone here) was of course the early 90's and The Fab Five! they may have come close and never won a national championship but 20 years later they still roll off the tounges of any real hoops fan that was lucky enough to be around during that time. There was nothing more exciting than watching Chris, Jalen, Juwan, Jimmy and Ray take the court. You knew you were in for a treat for those two hours you watched the game.
                 Of all of the games I watched the fab five play I think the most memorable one was in the second round of the 93 tourney against UCLA. They played from behind for the entire game and I feared that my college bball heros were on their way out. It didn't help when Jalen rose fouled Shon Tarver while shooting a 3 in the closing seconds of the second half which meant 3 free throws. In my mind I was like what were you thinking!?!
                 Jimmy King came to save the day like superman. First stepping in front of Tyus Edney to steal his pass under the basket which sent the game into overtime, then the play i'll never forget the put back on the missed shot by Jalen Rose UCLA wanted to argue that the shot shouldn't have counted because the ball didn't hit the rim, but it did and that made it a free ball and King was in the right place at the right time. Michigan wins and all was right in my world.
                 The night that Michigan lost to North Carolina in the national championship I cried like I lost a loved one. Looking back on it now it was a blessing in disguise who knew years later that all the banners, all the victories would be taken away as if they never exsisted.Any true fab five fan know they can never take away the moments, the excitement and what the fab five brought to college basketball, in fact I don't think it would be as exciting now if it wasn't for them. Do I remember who won the national championship a year ago? no but I remember where I was when the fab five first stepped on the court. Now if that isn't a hell of an impact I don't know what is.

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